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Sameep Singhania has bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has been a professional programmer for the past five years. He would characterize himself as a Software Developer, Blockchain Engineer and consultant who loves to work on exciting new projects and to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Recently Sameep has been focusing his energy more towards Blockchain Technology (BC) to devising strategies for business clients to adopt Blockchain technology to solve transparency and trust issues.

My aim is to fulfill the requirements of any person , group or institution by creating innovative and effective solutions. Please contact me for-:

  • Blockchain Application Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • ICO Development
  • Blockchain Consultancy

Latest Projects

Other Projects


An online college magazine to enable college Students and Teachers to share their thoughts and articles with other. This project was listed in top 15 amongst all projects participating in IBM TGMC 2011

Underlying Technology: JEE, Struts, HTML, CSS and Javascript

Internal Respository

A web based portal to allow team members to share files within themselves. It allows users to upload and download files. It support folder heirarchy and folders can be created or deleted. The portal also has proper Authentication and Authorization mechanisms in place.

Underlying Technology: JEE, Struts, Apache Tomcat, HTML, CSS and Javascript

Work Experience

Blockchain Developer (May 2018 - Present)

OpenBazaar(via Toptal)

Working as a Freelance Backend/Ethereum developer with openbazaar, a decentralized marketplace. Here are my roles & responsibilities within the core developer team-:

  • Integrating Ethereum based payments(Ether & ERC-20 Tokens) in openbazaar
  • Part of team updating wallet interface to support Ethereum in openbazaar
  • Developing infrastructure for openbazaar smart contracts
  • Designing smart contracts for open bazaar
  • Development of smart contract which includes token, direct payment, escrowed payment, rewards, jury pool etc.
  • Daily sync-up calls with other team members

Blockchain Developer (April 2018 - May 2018)

Akila Labs(via Toptal)

Here are my roles & responsibilities within the core developer team-:

  • Designed and developed an Ethereum-based system for managing EHRs. The system consists of developing a private network on top of an Ethereum blockchain.
  • Built the entire system's architecture from blockchain to the front-end
  • The architecture was based on research paper published by MIT based researchers
  • Developed smart contract architecture for the system
  • Launched an Ethereum-based private network running on POA consensus algorithm (Clique)
  • Daily sync-up calls with other team members
  • Led a team to integrate Blockchain-based smart contracts with other parts of the application

Blockchain Consultant (Feb 2018 - March 2018)

Stagewood Inc.(via Toptal)

Here are my roles & responsibilities within the core developer team-:

  • Built a Blockchain solution for the entertainment industry
  • Helped client to choose which blockchain platform to use as per the use case
  • Designed the system architecture on top of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Set up Hyperledger-Fabric nodes
  • Worked on an interactive ICO
  • Daily sync-up calls with other team members

Ethereum Smart Contract Consultant (Feb 2018 - May 2018)

Intellix(via Toptal)

Here are my roles & responsibilities within the core developer team-:

  • Support in building Contrafactual State Channels
  • Infested and comprehended a previously written smart contract for the above state channels
  • Facilitated a client’s understanding about how the application works
  • Devised a strategy for the team to work simultaneously on the smart contracts
  • Set up a private network for the development and testing purposes.
  • Was involved in Skype calls with client

Ethereum Smart Contract Developer (March 2018 - Present)

Deep Aero

Here are my roles & responsibilities within the core developer team-:

  • Developed an ERC20 token
  • Built a Crowdsales contract with five tiers including pre-sales
  • Developed airdrop contract and script
  • Developed a token vesting contract
  • Made recommendations to the client concerning the latest security practices when creating front-end apps

Blockchain Developer & Consultant (May 2017 - Present)


  • Built ERC20 tokens for multiple clients
  • Developed crowdsales for multiple clients
  • Developed a green chain application
  • Designed and developed a healthcare solution on Blockchain
  • Designers the blockchain architecture for Stagewood, Inc
  • Working with OpenBazarr, a decentralized marketplace
  • Organized meetups
  • Guest speaker at various meetups and universities

Software Developer (Jan 2015 - May 2017)

Drishti Soft Solutions Private Limited

  • Developed an omni-platform to help customer service desks to resolve customer's queries from various social media and traditional SMS and calls; all the platforms from one single product
  • Organized technical training sessions related to web development
  • Worked as part of the core technical team that developed the core tech stack
  • Created a framework which allows third-party vendors to create apps on top of our product
  • Designed and created a library similar to Redux on top of GWT. Was awarded the Boundary Breaker award for the same
  • Worked under agile settings

Service IT Developer (July 2013 - Oct 2014)

Dell International Services

  • Worked as part of the Skype test execution team
  • Executed test cases and reported bugs
  • Tested the Skype application on a varied range of devices and platforms
  • Created a project for the team which allowed the team to keep all project-related documents in one single location. The documents were password protected and provided access depending upon the access level of the user

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